About Cameras

The first Camera Eccentrica, the Camera Caerulea Magna, was built to test an idea: what if the camera were more than just a picture-taking machine?  What if it had an identity of its own, a physical presence, something like a work of art in itself?  How would you approach the taking of a photograph with such a camera?  How might human subjects respond to it?

The simple fact is, it changes everything. The response was so overwhelming that it changed the whole direction of Pete’s work. People are excited to be photographed with these cameras, and co-operate in a totally different way than if you point a regular camera at them.  Pete has taken hundreds of photos with his unique cameras and it continues to be a special experience, a deeply engaging activity, and a meaningful collaboration with the subject.

Camera Eccentrica is about sharing this exciting journey. If you’re interested in working with a really special camera, Pete can create one that is bespoke to your requirements, connects you with people, and inspires you to achieve your vision.