About Landscapes

Pete’s favourite thing is to get out on his bike with a 10×8″ camera, tripod and a couple of sheets of film and find a scene to turn into a beautiful monochromatic composition.  Within a short bike ride of his home are several royal parks and a good stretch of the River Thames.  He returns to these places again and again throughout the year and always finds something new to photograph.  

Pete is now able to enlarge the 10×8″ negatives in his own darkroom into hand-made silver/gelatine prints on Ilford photographic paper, up to 20×24″.  These stunning, archival quality images have a depth, detail and tonal richness that small screens simply can’t replicate.  

Print prices:    12×16″:  £60    16×20″:  £90    20×24″:  £120 

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