About Lenses

At Camera Eccentrica, vintage large-format lenses are the alpha and omega.   These treasures of optical and mechanical design have no place as ornaments at Studio Eccentrica, they are the beating hearts of unique cameras.  Pete sources and tests all sorts of lenses, from famous brands to obscure, forgotten makers, many costing under £100.  The optical quality of most of them is excellent, and there’s nothing like a beautiful brass lens and a guillotine shutter to make your subject want to be in the picture.

Pete makes lens boards, fits lenses to boards (with or without mounting rings), makes guillotine shutters that fit in front of or behind the lens, makes tilt/swing lens mounts for box cameras, and last but not least, lens caps and hoods.  Best of all, when you find the perfect, shiny, brass, large format beauty, that Dallmeyer 3B, the Cooke Knuckler, an early Voigtlander in perfect condition, he can build a camera worthy of it and allow you to enjoy its unique character, while making beautiful photographs.